One of the most important publishers in Brazilian Music for college level books, updating the catalog every semester.
We released books in improvisation, instrument techniques (guitar, drums, bass) , counterpoint, Chorinho as well as play alongs in Brazilian Rhythms (Baião, Samba Jazz, Odd Meters). All authors very recognized names in Brazilian music  and world wide known, also teachers of our institution.
Our books are also released in Europe, USA by our partner  Advance Music, in english and spanish.



Brazilian Bass - Sizão Machado
Advanced Techniques for Bass in Brazilian Music - Gilberto de Syllos
Modern Improvisation Vol. I - Lupa Santiago
Melodic Interpretation for the Drums - Carlos Ezequiel
Jazz-Harmony and Walking Bass Vol. 1 - Zéli Silva
Tonal Counterpoint for Two Voices - Guilherme Ribeiro
New Dictionary of Chords for Electric And Acoustic Guitars - Lupa Santiago
Choro: Basic Concepts for Improvisation and Interpretation - Pedro Ramos

Play Alongs


Samba Jazz - Daniel D’Alcântara and Guilherme Ribeiro
Baião & Northeastern Brazilian Rhythms - Carlos Ezequiel and Gilberto de Syllos and Guilherme Ribeiro
Brazilian Music In Odd Meters - Lupa Santiago and Carlos Ezequiel
Bossa Nova - Roberto Menescal