baixo e história da música


A master's degree candidate at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), Gilberto de Sylos has been a professional contrabassist and music professor for more than 30 years. Since 2002, he has been on the faculty at the Berklee satellite school, Faculdade Souza Lima Berklee, in São Paulo Brazil. There, he is responsible for the electric and acoustic bass program and also teaches music history, theory, and ear training. 

 Mr. de Syllos has authored several books, including “Drumset and Bass in Popular Brazilian Music,” “Electric Bass Techinques in Brazilian Music,” and "Baião and Northeastern Rhythms.” These last two books have been released in Europe and the United States by Advance Music Editors.

Mr. de Syllos particpated on the play-along recording and book, “Brazilian Music of Roberto Menescal,” "Brazilian Music in Odd Metters" which was  released by Editora Souza Lima. 

 In 2014 he released the CD Caravne with the Hot Jazz Club, the leading Brazilian manouche group, which he co-founded in 2002.

As a professor, he participates in clinics, workshops, music festivals throughout all of Brazil and abroad (most recently Venezuela, Germany, and the United States). Has has been a guest musician with the Unicamp Symphony Orchestra since 2013 on the Rock Orchestra project, playing acoustic and electric bass with Brazilian popular music artists like J. Quest, Fejat, Blitz, Zeca Baleiro, Skank, and Titãs. In 2014, he received a special invitation to play with singer and composer Ivan Lins to commemorate the orchestra's 85th birthday.

Mr. de Syllos has been a columnist for Bass Player magazine (2012/2013), writing articles for acoustic and upright bass. He composed the soundtrack to Diego Ruiz de Aquino and Helton ladeira's award winning film, “Noir” (2007). 

He was praised by New York Times critics for his work in the show “da Corda pro Pé” on Broadway in 2006. His first CD- Tocando Baixo (1996) was selected for the Prêmio Sharp in 1997 and led to an invitation to play on the Jo Soares television program.

Over the years, Mr. de Syllos has has a solo career as a composer, and band leader and has accompanied top name artists like, Paulo Jobim, Roberto Menescal, Ivan Vilela, Ná Ozetti, Toninho Ferraguti, Duofel, Hermeto Pascoal, Lupa Santiago, Guilherme Ribeiro, Carlos Ezequiel, Pedro de Alcântara, Alexis Bettencourt, Bina Coquet, Richard Smith (England), Thomas Walburn (Denmark), Jason S. Smith (USA), Niclas Campagnol (Switzerland), in shows and recordings.